Sunday, 13 June 2010

Your Travelling Army of Synthetic Supporters - WC 2010 Day 4 Preview

Game 9 - Netherlands v Denmark

I mean, what the fuck? A mute swan? What sort of national animal is a mute swan? Denmark, bow your heads. On the face of it, a mute swan would stand no chance against a lion, but considering that lions are in no way native to Holland, and I can't think of another animal that could possibly represent Holland (except maybe skunk - geddit!?), Denmark win on authenticity alone.

Game 9 - Denmark win.

Game 10 - Japan v Cameroon

A pretty shit contest this. Japan are represented by a green pheasant, for such a proud country that is a really crap national animal. Much research (well okay, five minutes on Google) led me to believe that Cameroon have no national animal but they are called the Indomitable Lions (is there a more pretentious nickname in World football?).
Both crap and so...

Game 10 - Draw

Game 11 - Italy v Paraguay

VWhat makes an Italian wolf so special and different from any other wolf? The fact that I don't know puts it at an instant disadvantage to Paraguay's night monkey.

Game 11 - Paraguay win.

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