Friday, 11 June 2010

It's Coming Home, It's Coming Home, Football's....Oh Bollocks To it. AISTBAH Is Back!!

After a hiatus last season due to total lethargy I've decided to bring back the blog. Why? No idea really but then again, why not?
Anyway, Season 2010/11 will start with a World Cup special. I do like the WC although I have no real love of the England National side so I'll be observing as a neutral, but to make things more interesting I'm going to pick a team to support in each game. How I'm going to pick them is another matter, I don't know yet!
For 2006 I did an article for the Tamworth FC fanzine '4 Bleats to the Baah' in which I did a similar thing, starting with supporting teams who played in red, moving onto who did the best food and finishing (rather messily in Weymouth if I recall) with beer, I should dig the article out, it will bring back painful (for my kidneys) memories.

So, onwards and upwards and onto today's games.

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