Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sonia Lannaman Sleeps With the Fishes Tonight

Group A went as expected except that Uruguay actually beat Mexico to give Banofee Banofee just a glimmer of a chance. In the end they could only beat the cheese eating surrender monkeys 2-1 but it restores pride and sales of vuvuzelas.

Shame about France though eh? A real shame.

In Group B Greece's 9-0-1 formation makes them officially the most boring bastards in the World Cup 2010, narrowly pipping Switzerland and England. They were easily beaten by Argentina who, bless 'em, look very good.

As predicted (and it's not often I've been able to say that so far!) South Korea took the other place but Nigeria made them fight all the way and if Yakubu hadn't missed an absolute sitter they may have been representing Africa in round two.

Right. On we go.

A superb, swashbucling England performance full of pride, passion and belief with every player giving his all in a performance to gladden the heart of every true Englishman......

Well that's what we got from our Rugby players and cricketers over the last few days but I very much fucking doubt we'll see much of it at 3pm.

Yes I know the bloke above is actually Irish but we take them from wherever we can get them these days!

But we live in hope and now that it's well and truly make or break I suspect that England will do enough, it might not be pretty but we'll get there.

I also think that USA will beat Algeria and go through, a great day for US Soccerball.

There is a small chance that both ourselves and USA could finish level on points, GD and goals scored, in which case we would have to draw lots, how fantastic would that be?!

I assume that in the evening we are all Ghana fans? If they beat Germany it probably puts the Boxheads out, which would be very, very funny.

Australia v Serbia? Meh.

Enjoy your sickies England fans, your boss already knows.

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