Saturday, 12 June 2010

Journalist's Who Try to Spell an Interviewee's Laugh - Oops!

Anyone notice my deliberate mistake? No? Nobody's actually reading this are they?
Oh well, anyway, you may notice that I have one of today's games as North Korea v Greece, when in actual fact it is the southerners who play today, so just before kick-off, a new prediction.

South Korea v Greece

Sticking with the dolphin for Greece (dolphins are ace by the way, did I say that already?), their new opponent in the National Animal Ring of Death is:

a tiger. Now this make it interesting, tigers are quite fierce, but then again they don't swim too well (do they?) and dolphins are too smart to be lured onto land where they would be disadvantaged, and this tiger appears to have been beaten up by half a dozen piglets so...

Match 3 - Greece win.


Cameron said...

I noticed it. What belongs to Journalist?

The Ed said...

Your (sic) two good.

Anonymous said...

Tigers are actually very good at swimming. They just don't like doing it.