Friday, 18 June 2010

Cafe Bars, Idiots and Pigeons - Englands humiliation - June 18th round-up

We laugh at France, we giggle at Germany, we play like Stafford Rangers.
Utter bilge. But why anyone actually expected anything else is beyond me.
There were some other games but I'm still too busy picking my jaw off the floor after watching the phenomenally shit Rooney gobbing off at fans who have spent thousands of pounds for having the temerity to boo one of the most inept England performances, well, since the last time we all thought they might for once do something above average in the finals of a major competition.

Anyway, Slovenia and the US drew in a compelling match earlier, which means England's fate is amazingly still in their own hands, and Germany lost to Serbia in the second huge shock in two days.

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