Monday, 21 June 2010

On an Easy Par Four, Within Ear Shot of Your Revolutionary Foldaway Drum - Missed One! And a review of yeaterday.

I forgot to do a PSoBJL for Spain v Honduras, but quite frankly I don't care, I'm not going to do it, I'm pig bloody sick of We Didn't Start the Fire and if I never hear that song again it will be far too soon.
Give the win to Honduras, it will go with every other prediction that has been utterly wrong!

Anyhow, yesterday saw Paraguay beat Slovakia to top their group because Italy are matching England and France (and others) for being shite as they could only draw with Italy.

Brazil have qualified easily though, they beat Ivory Coast with relative ease.

Right, now, what to do about the final group games?
I think I'll play this pretty straight and do a reasonably normal(!) preview with my own opinions (rather than Billy Joel's) on who I think will qualify for the knockout stages. There may be a twist or two, I'll decide that tonight when I do the Group A & B final games.

I bet you can't wait can you?


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