Friday, 11 June 2010

The Hamilton Bland Memorial Swimming Pool - WC 2010 Day 1 Review.

Banofee Banofee score the first goal of the tournament and then do a passable impression of Pans People, but Meh-ico spoil the party. The vulva-losers sound every bit as horrible as everybody feared, the whole of this World Cup is going to be like being trapped in a nest full of very angry wasps.

France and Uruguay grind out a 0-0, I predict The Sun to do the first "Forlorn" pun of the month tomorrow. Henry provides the only amusement by claiming a ridiculous handball, hey Henry, how do you spell 'ironic'?

As I refuse to predict draws my score so far - 0/2. It's going well!

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Host PPH said...

It is quite normal that there are fans that they can stand to loose to another team.