Friday, 11 June 2010

The Halcyonic Dynamo That Lit Up My Childhood - World Cup 2010 Day 1 Preview.

Right, how to do this. Flicking around the internet I have come across a list of National Animals, which delightfully lsts El Salvador's national animal as the turquoise-browed motmot, which, not so delightfully, turns out to be a bird (left). A rather nice bird though I must say.

So, national animals then. For the first round of matches in the group stage I will support the team whose national animal would win in a fight.

Game 1 - South Africa v Mexico

South Africa is easy, their animal is a springbok, Mexico meanwhile have something called a Xoloitzcuintli! A what?? Well apparently it's a hairless dog and is pronounce 'shoh-lo-eets-kweent-lee'. Great, so who would win between a posh deer and a bald dog? Fuck knows, but just because it would be oodles of points at Scrabble I'm going for the dog.

Game 1 - Mexico to win.

Game 2 - France v Uruguay


A battle of the birds.

France, of course, have the gallic rooster as their animal, Uruguay's was a bit harder to find, but apparently, and I'm open to other suggestions, their national animal is a Rufous Hornero. also known as a red ovenbird (I think this means that they eat them).

Tricky one this, could come down to a last minute peck, but on size alone, the rooster should take it.

Game 2 - France to win.

Tomorrow's preview will appear later today or something.

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