Saturday, 12 June 2010

A Thousand Sandy Coloured Clowns - WC 2010 Day Three Preview

Game 6 - Algeria v Slovenia


Algeria's national animal is the fennec fox, which is basically a chihauhua with wings on it's head, very cute and all that but hardly likely to survive for very long against Slovenia's brown bear.

A bit of a walkover.

Game 6 - Slovenia win

Game 7 - Serbia v Ghana

V What is it with fucking eagles? Serbia have the white eagle, Ghana seem all secretive about theirs but a bit of reasearch came up with eagle. I'm seriously pissed off with eagles now, any other country who I find has a feckin' eagle automatically loses. Even if the country they are playing against has, as their national animal, a hamster.

Game 7 - Draw

Game 8 - Germany v Australia

V Aaaarrrgghhhhhhhh!! Fucking Germany! I can't even bring myself to print a picture of another eagle so Germany get a Russian Black Eagle tank. I could have picked one of many for the Aussies, I was toying with a koala but I held one once and it stunk so they are having a kangaroo. To be fair it wouldn't have mattered, Germany have a fucking eagle so the kangaroo wins on default, as would any other animal I might have picked, even a kookaburra.

Game 7 - Australia win.

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