Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Rattling Bags of Calcium - Group A and B Deciders

Work has caught up with us here at AISTBAH Towers, so it's just a brief preview of the groups for now, once the groups have been sorted we'll be back with proper predictions, probably involving food.

Group A

France v South Africa
Mexico v Uruguay

Well, the simple scenario, and the one I fully expect to happen, is that if Mexico and Uruguay draw then they both go through, I don't really think we're going to get a full-blooded cracker here!

If one team does win out of those two then it leaves the door just the tiniest bit ajar for France or South Africa. But unfortunately the hosts are truly awful and France are hilariously in complete disarray!

Group B

Greece v Argentina

Nigeria v South Korea

Argentina are all but through and I don't expect them to slip up against a mediocre Greece side in any case.
South Korea have impressed me and will beat Nigeria to claim the other place.

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