Saturday, 12 June 2010

I'm Asking For Directions to the Slough of Despond - WC2010 Day 2 Review

England (unsurprisingly) manage to dampen down any wild expectations with a thoroughly disjointed display against those giants of World soccerball USA. Rob Green will become the media scapegoat for giving us an excuse to complain about spills rather than the US. 1-1 could have been worse and of course England usually start off badly, but it just looked all wrong, plenty of work for Capello.

Argentina impressed despite only winning 1-0 against Nigeria, any rumours that Mr. Messy doesn't want to play for Madonna seem to be rubbish, he was superb.

Greece were utterly gash against South (not North!) Korea. A 2-0 defeat flatered them. SK have more than a few skilful players in their side and could well be a real surprise package.

Prediction score? - 1/5! I don't gamble.

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