Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Stevie Nicks Books About Kleptomania - WC 2010 Last round 1 of group games.

Game 15 - Honduras v Chile


Hmmm...I like Honduras' white tailed deer, it's a magnificent beast, but would it win against the andean condor? It's speed could be the condor's Albatross.
I'd like to think that it could spear the dive-bombing condor with it's antlers so I'm sticking with that.

Game 15 - Honduras win.

Game 16 - Spain v Switzerland

V Spain, of course, have the bull, although the show their love of this creature by ritually slaughtering them, lovely. But I suppose you'll never break the chain of custom.
Try as I might I could find no national animal for Switzerland, if anyone else can then please go your own way, so they get a cuckoo clock.
Should be over fairly quickly this one!

Game 16 - Spain win.

And that's it for the first round of group games. I'll need a new theme for the last game of the day so keep reading, Don't Stop. Thinking About Tomorrow, I reckon a musical theme is on the cards.

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