Friday, 11 June 2010

Gauranga, Gauranga, Yes I'll Be Happy - World Cup 2010 Day 2 Preview.

Match 3 - North Korea v Greece


North Korea, being all secretive and stuff, don't believe in animals just in case they are spies. So they have got some winged horsey statue thing called a chollima, it's a bit shit, but don't tell any members of the Parachute Regiment as they like their winged 'osses.

Greece meanwhile have a dolphin, and dolpins are skill.

Match 3 - Greece win.

Match 4 - Argentina v Nigeria

A real mismatch here. Nigeria's animal is just listed as an eagle, what sort of eagle I don't know but even a big fuck-off bastard of an eagle would be no match for Argentina's cougar.

Match 4 - Argentina win.

Match 5 - England v USA

Some would say that a lion should be England's animal, but I would say that surely the animal has to be somewhat native to the country in question! So they are having a bulldog and they'll like it or lump it. USA could have had a bald eagle but I'm sick of bloody birds already so they are having a bison. (What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison? Yow cor wosh yer 'onds in a buffalo.)

Close call but bulldogs are nothing if not persistent and tough little bastards, so...

Match 5 - England win.

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