Monday, 14 June 2010

Quick, Run, Hide, Here Comes Dave Stewart - Day 5 Preview

Game 12 - Brazil v North Korea


We've been here before! North Korea have some winged horsey thing called a chollima, but if you had been attentive you would already know that. Brazil apparently have a macaw, or a parrot, or some other bird, different websites say different things.
I'm sticking with a macaw, and it wins because the winged horse doesn't actually exist. Sweet dreams are made of this.

Game 12 - Brazil win.

Game 13 - Ivory Coast v Portugal

VAh! That's better, a proper animal. Ivory Coast's elephant is nearly as skill as the dolphin, and much bigger. I had problems finding a national animal for Portugal but as the Man o' War is named after the country it will do. It won't win against the elephant though, who am I to disagree?

Game 13 - Ivory Coast win

Game 14 - New Zealand v Slovakia

The kiwi really is a crap bird isn't it? I've travelled the World and the seven seas and not seen anything like it. Flightless and just, well, shit. Mind you, Slovakia don't even seem to have a national animal at all, everybody's looking for something but to no avail, they do, however, have a national tree, the linden.
Won't be much action in this fight, the kiwi might eventually die of boredom I suppose.

Game 14 - draw.

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