Sunday, 19 July 2009

Songs In My Head On Waking - Part 1 - The Weather Prophets

Do you ever wake up and one particular song is going through your head?
It happens to me all the time, sometimes they are songs I've listened to the day before, sometimes they are currently popular songs that I've probably heard while my wife has Radio 2 or Heart FM on.
But sometimes they are songs I have no idea when I last heard, and on the odd occassion, such as this morning, it will be a song that I haven't heard for yonks and have forgotten just how brilliant it was, and it makes me wonder why I haven't dug it out of the collection for all these years.

This morning, in the shower, all the way to work in the car and all day here in the office I have been singing this:

The Weather Prophets were one of those groups that were often fairly inoccuous, but occassionally sublime. Almost Prayed was a lovely song, possibly only supassed by the sublime Hollow Heart:

And, just to spoil you, a tune from the earlier incarnation of The Weather Prophets, Up The Hill And Down The Slope by The Loft.


Anonymous said...

I almost prayed for that racket to stop!

Cameron said...

You didn't have to listen to it.