Tuesday, 8 January 2008

So, So Poor Against The Poors - Tamworth 0 Solihull Moors 2 - Blue Square North - 05/01/08

Oh dear, oh dear oh dear oh dear.

So where do Tamworth go from here?

This season hasn't exactly been a feast of football by any stretch of the imagination, but this was a new low. I counted one, yes that's just ONE shot on goal by a Tamworth player in ninety minutes of the most sporific, mind-numbingly tedious pile of malodorous six-month old, filled Pampers I have ever had the misfortune to witness in 28 years of watching my club, and that shot was curled in a beautiful arc towards the corner flag!

In fact I have almost certainly seen worse Tamworth performances by worse Tamworth teams but they would have been way back in the early 80's when a club crippled by debt was playing in front of crowds less than 100 and the players were literally whoever they could find to pull on a shirt. But at least those players tried their best, they could look us in the eye afterwards and say that they put in the effort.
This lot? They ain't fit to scrape the mud off their boots. They play like a bunch of strangers, they don't seem to be motivated in the slightest, it's plainly obvious that they have lost all confidence in manager Gary Mills, and not one of the bottlers had the cojones to come into the clubhouse afterwards to face us. Cheers lads, hope your totally unearned wages made up for having to bother getting out of your beds to stroll around the pitch for ninety minutes. I thought of you on my night shift on Sunday.

My day started off okay actually, young Scott had agreed to endure another day at The Lamb, the beer in The White Lion was pretty good as usual, and sausage rolls were only 89p for six in the Co-op!
There was even a certain air of optimism in the clubhouse before hand, yes we had managed only one point out of 9 over the Christmas period but those games were against promotion candidates (I'm sure I can remember us being talked about as one of them once upon a time) and Solihull Poors had only managed one win in fifteen! We'd beat these and stay nicely mid-table, not great but out of danger.
Oh really! From kick-off we looked clueless, too much hoofball from the back up towards forwards who couldn't control it. This was a dreadful game of "football". I really can't remember anything that happened, which turned out to be a blessing compared to the horror show that was the second half!

Some fans were actually rendered speechless by the utter crapness of it all, several fans decided not to even bother leaving the warmth of the clubhouse for the second half, if I had known what I do now I'd have joined them.

Yes, it got worse, even now in the sober reflection of three days after the event I have no idea how that could happen but it did. I suppose it was because Solihull finally realised that they were playing a team that didn't actually give a damn if they won or lost and so decided to beat them. They were aided in this by some comedy defending, I'm not sure exactly how Solhull's first goal went in, the ball bobbled about a bit with various players taking swipes at it and then the linesman signalled a goal.
Cue a shocked Tamworth team going all out to achieve a come back? Nope! They got even worse, allowing Solihull to win every 50-50 and generally giving up altogether. A second goal wasn't far away and so it proved.
By now The Shed had slipped into the defence mechanism of just taking the piss, Mills inevitably got plenty of totally deserved stick but we also cheered all Solihull substitutions, and managed a burst of "One Richie Follett", the only chant heard all game really.

So, the question at the top of this report, where do we go from here?

I don't know, but something has to change, and quick. The fans feel isolated, the club have retreated into a shell emerging only to release insipid comments on the Official Site about how we must all stick together and back the manager. The FA Cup money has apparently run out and we are only even par at the bank now, which is very worrying seeing that attendances are plummetting and the wage bill stays the same, I don't think we are in any way a crisis club just yet but there's some serious thinking to be done at boardroom level if we wish to stay that way.

Oh, and someone on the forum thinks I swear too much, I have only one thing to say to that - bollocks.

Attendance - 686
Admission £10 / £6
Crowd - Very pissed off.
Photos - They don't deserve the colour they would have added to this report.

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