Saturday, 12 January 2008

Live From Blyth(e) - Well Not Really But It's A Nice Rhyme!

Yeehaa! Stuck at work so it's another episode of Live Blogging for me.
All 3pm kick-off's today, Tamworth travel to Blyth(e) Spartans (the superfluous 'e' really annoys them apparently) in the FA Trophy hoping to put a pathetic run of form behind them, a few new signings might help and we have some. One was enforced as keeper Palethorpe was recalled by Chester (ungrateful buggers!) so young Polish keeper Alex Cisak arrives on loan from Leicester. Mills has four players cup-tied, that's what you get when you completely change the team three times in a season, teach you right for not picking proper players the first time.

Meanwhile Aston Villa are at home to Reading with NO new signings, O'Neill only buys players on the last day of transfer windows. Ross County's match away at Cove Rangers in the Scottish Cup has been postponed, I know all about frozen pitches in The Highlands!

As per usual, blogging will be done with the help of the Sky Sports vidiprinter, the ever excellent non-league vidiprinter, the Tamworth Fans Forum and the match thread on Heroes and Villains. I may also take a peek at the Blythe(e) forum now and again.

14:22 - Won't be using the Blyth(e) forum because as Marrah points out on the Tamuff forum, it's not been updated since November!

14:33 - Well! I'm deeply hurt. Perusing another part of Blyth(e)'s forum a poster wants to know why Tamworth have an upside pretzel on their badge! I have a good mind to put him right with some choice words14:36 - My Ipswich side are four points clear in The Championship on Football Manager by the way.

14:42 - From Jase J on the Tamuff forum:
"You don't need score updates - just 'think positive' and blog whatever score pops out of your sunshine bubble. If we all do this, we'll win by a mile."

Hmmm....right...'pop', yep Blyth(e) 0 Tamworth 5, that'll do!

14:57 - Must have been an early kick off for Halesown who are 1-0 up at Half-time at home to Hitchin. Going well are The Yeltz at the moment.

15:00 - Llanelli 1 Llangefni 0. My keyboard is covered with phleghm now.

15:03 - Moustapha Salifou on the bench for Villa, Mellberg 'ill'. Funny how he's ill just when he might be off to Juventus eh?

15:05 - We have a goal! Stockport 1-0 Accrington.

15:07 - Falkirk 0-1 Aberdeen in t'cup. It's a quiet start all round.

15:09 - Didn't take Falkirk long to equalise. Carshalton 1-0 Staines.

15:12 - Just noticed Fulahm have taken the lead at Wet Spam. Nuneaton are 1-0 up against Wusster.

15:15 - Someone has just phoned me up to give me a bizarre tale about the Falls Road, dunno why! Leicester beating Coventry.

15:19. Aberdeen have taken the lead again. Charlton 2-1 Blackpool. Ipswich 1 Stoke 0.

15:22 - Chelsea have taken the lead over Spuds and Linlithgow are losing at Queen of the South. It's really boring at the moment!

15:26 - Karma! Villa 1-0 Reading (Carew) and Arse 1-0 Blues almost simultaneously, good stuff.
Still no news from Tamuff but it's bloody difficult getting Trophy scores from anywhere.

15:29 - Hitchin have equalised at Halesowen. I should be able to grab some Trophy scores at HT.
Middlesborough are beating Liverplop, I still reckon they could finish out of the top four this season, but who will replace them?

15:33 - Sutton United 0-1 Bath. I think if they reorganise the Blue Square next season (and with northern sides clogging up the bottom on the Conference it's possible), I'd like Tamworth to move south, I used to love our trips to Bath.

15:36 - Salisbury 1-0 Oxford Utd. I wish my phone would stop ringing, it's not like any of the calls are omportant. Everton 1-0 Man City.

15:40 - I've just beaten Birmingham City 2-1 on Football manager, Chris Canavan with a late winner.
Meanwhile in the real world, Alloa are beating Berwick.

15:44 - Celtic 1-0 Stirling.
Hopefully the Trophy HT's will appear on Sky Sports.

15:46 - Mick Hucknall is 2-0 down against Klattering. Salisbury now 2-0 up against Oxford.

15:49 - The only Trophy score I can see is Dorchester 0-1 Ebbsfleet. Oh, and Newport 1-1 Torquay.

15:52 - Tamuff confirmed as 0-0 at HT against Blyth(e).

15:56 - Halesowen won 2-1, last minute winner.
In the BSN relegation battle Hinckley are 1-0 up against Burscough.

16:00 - Some bloke called Canham has scored an hat-trick for Team Bath. Hmm, wonder what course he's on? Stuffed4-0 Rangers are beating Forrest Gump in the Trophy and The Marmite Miners are 3-0 up at Vauxhall Motors.

16:08 - Mansfield get us under way in the 2nd half by taking the lead at Chester. Ha! Serves you right for taking Palethorpe back.

16:13 - Just got kicked out of me blog! Wolves 0-2 Crystal Palace, Wolves are on an abysmal run, tumours of Fat Sam Allardyce taking over though.
Birmingham have equalised at Arsenal - what?!
Hearts 2-0 Motherwell, nice gesture from Motherwell to rename their stand after Phil McDonnell.

16:18 - Villa 2-0 Reading, that goal-machine Martin Laursen gets it.

16:28 - Toilet break, sorry. And then I got distracted by a rather lovely lady I *ahem* came across on StumbleUpon.
Not much has happened anyway.

16:29 - Wolves 0-3 Palace, oh dear, what a shame!
Sutton 0-4 Bath, Sutton arfe doomed I fear.
Spammers have taken the lead against Fulham.

16:32 - Equaliser for Liverplop against the Smoggies. Stalyvegas have scored two in 2 minutes to take the lead against Harrogate.

16:36 - Blimey, someone on the Spartensnet forum reckons Tamuff are 1-0 up. "Wembley, Wembley........"

16:38 - A couple of ex-Villans have scored, 'Big' Dion Dublin puts Norwich 3-1 up at Barnsley and 'Little' Lee Hendrie has scored for Sheffield.

16:41 - Bugger, Solihull have taken the lead against Telford, we may be progressing in Thge Trophy but a couple of the teams below us in the league are taking advantage. It'll be fine though, I'll get my sunshine bubbles out in a bit.

16:42 - Chelsea 2-o Spuds
Derby 0-1 Wiggun. Bad news for Fulham this one, should never have sacked Coleman in my opinion.

16:49 - Leigh RMI 0-1 Redditch. I'm just waiting fot the FT's now to be honest.

16:50 - Carew makes it 3-0 to Villa. As easy as you like!

16:54 - Reading have a consolation goal but all too late.

16:56 - Confirmed 1-0 win for Tamuff, Dave Bampton with the goal, and much kudos for Dave Clayton who must have had the report on the Official Site within a minute of the final whistle, good work fella!

17:00 - That'll do for today, a much better day than last time I did this. Villa are now lwvwl on points with Liverpool!
Tamworth should take a lot of heart from their win and now push on in the league, the season is probably a wash-out in terms of play-offs but some good results and a bit of decent football will win the fans back.

Tarrah a bit.

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