Sunday, 9 September 2007

The Wusster Post Mortem and Part 3 of Groundspotting from Public Transport

Turns out that the spot of bother I witnessed at the end of yesterday's game was caused by the consummate professional Gerry Taggart reacting to a comment from a Tamworth fan about his "performance". If this is the case then he should never play for Tamworth FC again, it's not like he would be missed judging by his heartless display anyway. If Gary Mills must keep bringing in these old pro's giving them one last pay packet before they go off and run a pub or something then they could at least repay him and the fans by looking like they care. We've had some decent players of a certain vintage down The Lamb in recent years, Steve Walsh and Bob Taylor spring immediately to mind (we won't mention a certain Mr. Merson!), Taggart isn't fit to lace their boots I'm afraid, on yer bike son.

On a cheerier but more anoraky note, I did some more public transport groundspotting on the way to the game.
Pulling out of Birmingham New Street you can easily spot St. Andrews, home of Birmingham City, I don't like them though, they smell strange and don't have opposable thumbs.
You then pass pretty close to the much, much nicer and altogether more fantastic Villa Park, but you can't see it from the train, thought I'd mention it anyway.

Just past The Fort shopping park and fort Dunlop on the left you soon pass The Vale Stadium, once home to the now defunct Paget Rangers but these days home to Midland Combination side Castle Vale Kings Heath.

Finally, on the final run in to Tamworth as you go over the railway arches you can see The Lamb, I always make sure i point this out to Cameron but then again I am very sad.

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