Thursday, 13 September 2007

Whither Jack Mould?

Tuesday night's game was in The Jack Mould Cup, but just who is or was Jack Mould?
Extensive Google searching has bought me no answer, I have even asked the good people on Tony Kempster's forum but even they don't seem to know, maybe an e-mail to someone involved in running The Midland combination will yield an answer, I'll try that later I think.


A bit of info at last, from 'rodh' on the Tamworth forum

"For your info Jack Moulds Athletic's ground was in Streetsbrook Road on the border of Solihull and Hall Green. The entrance was a few yards up from Gospel Lane. I am unfortunately old enough to have seen a game there but to my eternal regret not got a programme. The ground was sold and is now part of Robin Hood cemetery. Not dying to revisit the site (boom,boom)

Jack Mould I believe was a successful businessman in Birmingham and was a big supporter of the Midland Combination.
that is why he is still remembered with affection"

Still, if anyone knows anything more about our Jack then please leave a comment, ta.

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Margaret said...

Yes I remember Jack Mould. My late husband worked for him for many years at his Business at Camp Hill Birmingham , near the a showroom assistant.
Jack and his wife were God Parents to my husband. My husband also played football for Jack Moulds team on his ground in Streetsbrook Road. Solihull around the 1950's It was my husbands wish to have his ashes buried on the ground where he played football, which we have arranged to do next month. My father in Law also worked in the business for many years as a sheet lead roller. Margaret Harvey.