Tuesday, 18 September 2007

"What means teamhopper"?

I've managed to overcome my rampant technophobia enough to install one of them nifty little analytical gizmos that tells me how many people visit this blog and where they come from. It's very anoraky but I can see how it could be useful. I am very disappointed that so far only one person appears to have visited me directly after perusing a porn site though!

One thing it does is tell me if anyone has found this site using a search engine, and so far seven people have. It also tells me what search terms they used. To all you old blogging hands this is probably very old hat but to me it's fascinating. I can see how someone arrived here by searching for "Jack Mould" for instance, but I am less sure why anyone would even need to search for:

andy preece +technophobe

I don't know if the Worcester manager has the same problems as me with technology and I can't really see why anyone would be that interested.

Today someone found me by entering:

what means teamhopper

I hope he (or she) found the answer they were looking for!


Jamie said...

Excellent site. Tamworth are always I team I looked out for at the bottom of the conference skirting annually with relegation! have added a link to yours from mine. I have a sitemeter counter on mine and it's great seeing where visitors come from and how long they stay!

Dave Cooper said...

Cheers jamie. nice site you have there, I must do more Scottish grounds, I've been to most of the Highland League from when I worked up there but not much else.