Tuesday, 11 September 2007

A Slight Correction and a Clarification on seeing Villa Park from the Train!

I have been informed that the area behind the Worcester dugout on Saturday was not fenced off due to the possibility of a certain Mr. Colley getting some abuse from the Tamworth fans, no, apparently it was at the request of Worcester manager Andy Preece who obviously couldn't hack the "gentle ribbing" he may have got from our more vociferous fans when he was last at The Lamb with Carlisle.

What a wuss! That's the first time I have seen that happen since the dugouts were moved from the main stand side to The Shed. Even Liam Daish came back for more and he really did get a bucket-load of abuse a few seasons back.

Meanwhile over at Tinpot Terrace the forum regulars have been busy providing yet more examples of public transport groundspotting. This could really catch on you know!

According to DazaB, on the Coventry - Nuneaton line you get a view of both Coventry City's Ricoh Arena and Coventry Rugby Club's Butt's Park Arena. Now I'm not sure I should allow an egg-chasers ground but as it has a mildly amusing name it stays for now.

Medibot tells me that you get a view of the back of Sutton United's Gander Green Lane Ground from the Sutton - Wimbledon Thameslink line and also Caersws in Wales has the Cambrian Coast line in full view of the pitch and passing drivers honk their horns in support of Caersws when they pass during a match.

Finally ISIHAC is getting confused about my assertion that you cannot see Villa Park from the train. Let me make it clear that this is only on my usual trip from New Street to Tamworth, I am quite aware that Villa Park is spottable from the Cross City Line between Aston and Witton but I will be doing this line at a later date as there are other grounds to spot on this journey.


Anonymous said...

Does Worcester count? Youcan see the SGL floodlights in the distance as you approach foregate Street Station from Birmingham.

Also, on the line from Birmingham Moor Street you can see the back of a stand of the Hawthorns and Aggborough!


Dave Cooper said...

They all count yooothh!