Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Interlude - Groundspotting on public transport Part 1

Okay so now this IS sad, over the years I have noticed that you can spot many football grounds from buses, trains and even trams, so, as a gift to the blogging community, here's your starter for 10.

On the train from Exmouth to Exeter (The Avocet Line apparently) you trundle past two grounds, firstly on the right hand side on the way out of Exmouth you will see Exmouth Town's King George V ground which has (and how do I know this I hear you ask?) the largest playing area in the Devon area, so there.
Secondly, as you approach the outskirts of Exeter and just before St.James Park station you can crane your neck upwards and catch a glimpse of one of the stands of Exeter Cit's ground on the left hand side.

Interesting huh? If anyone has any more examples of this wonderful hobby then they will be gratefully recieved and if I am ever in the area I'll look out for them...woo!


skif said...

Welcome to the football blogging fraternity, sir.

Any chance of a link to http://hobotread.blogspot.com? I shall be linking back this way of course.

Dave Cooper said...

Of course I will add you as a link, consider it done!