Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Groundspotting from public transport Part 2

I have been reminded by my good Worcester City supporting friend DazaB over on Tinpot Terrace that if you look to your left whilst travelling on the Hinckley - Leicester line you get a brilliant view of Midland Alliance side Friar Lane and Epworth's Knighton Lane East ground.

Cheers for that Daza, might see you Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Only just noticed this, Dave.
Loving your Blog - keep it up!
All the best IanB

Dave Cooper said...

Cheers Ian, must get round to mentioning The Villa on it sometime though eh?

Simple Pieman said...

Dazza is correct and the Friar Lane ground can be seen from all London St Panc. services heading through Leicester too.

Northampton Spencer can be seen from the railway running between Northampton and Rugby. Engineering work diversions often enable this treat.

Anonymous said...

Nah, there's plenty enough of those about. Actually, there aren't are there?
Yours, confused of Stonnall. ;-)