Sunday, 12 August 2007

Well you have to start somewhere.

A Technophobe blogs!

Groundhopping - it's probably up there with trainspotting for percieved geekiness but it's increasingly popular. I'm not a groundhopper though, I'm sadder than that! I'm a Teamhopper, I try to watch as many different teams as I can which has the added bonus that I can often do it from near to home and at grounds I am familiar with and already like, good eh?

I've been doing it off and on for years although I have kept no records or even bothered to take many photographs so it's all in the memory banks for me. But now I've decided to take my first tentative steps into blogging, no one will read it but I'll still have my own little presence in cyberspace, it's all good!

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Anonymous said...

Mr Kif --
Nice Blog Dave.