Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Into The Valley - Redditch United 3 Tamworth 1 14/08/07

I am a Tamworth fan so all reports involving my team will be hopelessly biased, I thought it best to get that into the open straight away.

This evening my team were appalling, dreadful, second to everything, toothless, rubbish, spineless, pathetic and above all, utter crap. Redditch were okay though.

Tamworth have played here before in their Dr. Martens League days but I didn't go so as is usual when I go to a new ground I got hopelessly lost in the suburbs and only found the ground by accident after a taxi driver sent me the wrong way, still had time for a pint in the clubhouse though, the Banks's bitter was off so I had a pint of Fosters, well needs must and all that. Decent turn out from The Lambs faithful, probably coming close to outnumbering the home fans, it's hard to tell when there's no segregation and both teams wear red.

View from the clubhouse, should have bloomin' stayed there!

Tamworth started brightly enough but were gradually muscled out of things in midfield, this is very worrying because we will meet many clubs in this division who will hustle and bustle and try to throw us off our game, and Redditch did it all to easily, pre-season predictions of a swift return to The Conference will need to be drastically down-graded on this showing.

Abysmal marking from a free-kick allowed the wonderfully named Exodus Gheoghagon to rise and head Redditch in front, equally comical defending let them take a 2-0 lead and the first chant of "You're not fit to wear the shirt" of the season was heard. Oh dear.

Still, surely Gary Mills would give them a rocket at HT and they would come out fighting, well yes, to a point. Just after half-time came the real turning point of the game, Tamworth had the ball hacked off the line in a mad goalmouth scramble and Redditch broke away and scored their third, game over. At 2-1 Tamworth would have had the crowd back behind them and the momentum, at 3-0 it was finished.

Slugs, infinitely better than watching Tamworth.

All that was left was to swear a bit and mutter a lot, oh, and watch a couple of slugs make their serene way off the pitch!A bad night at the office but hopefully a swift kick up the pants and we'll come back, there's a long, long way to go.

Price - £10 for me £4 for Cameron
Attendance - 561
Pies and mushy peas looked nice, Bovril was decidedly average.


Simple Pieman said...

Hello Dave - I have enjoyed dipping into your site, good stuff. Thanks for the link I have done likewise for you.

ps. love the slug picture

pps. Tamworth can not have been as bad as Spurs last night

Dave Cooper said...

Thanks Pieman, your blog was the inspiration for me to do likewise.

Anonymous said...

Well done Dave!

Don't be too hard on yourself about being "sadder" than a real groundhopper. I'll one-up you; I'm a Yank who reads groundhopper blogs. A groundhopper by proxy . . . hows that for sad?

Keep up the good work.

Football-Mad Yank.

Tigernet said...

Was that a tenner including the pie and average bovril?

Dave Cooper said...

Tigernet - no, that was the admission fee alone, it's about average for Blue Square North.